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Double cleaning
Air force
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The trap of lust
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Three ideas for anal submission

Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:40 am

Idea 1: Double cleaning
The patient enters the room in a beautiful dress without underwear. She is ordered to take off her dress, after which they put on a large milk enema and give out a maid uniform. The patient should clean the floor in the room with her dress, only after that she can go to the toilet.
If she does not manage to keep the milk, she will have to lick it off from the floor during anal sex with the master. After sex, the patient should lick off the sperm from the floor, finish cleaning and put on a dress.
If she manages to keep the milk, she goes to the toilet after which the classic ass to mouth scene with ending in mouth.

Idea 2: Air force
The obstinate patient does not wish to do various humiliating things for himself. The master inserts an inflatable plug into it, inflating it until the patient begins to execute orders. In the course of the scene, the action may be repeated several times, because subsequent actions will be humiliating than previous ones.

Idea 3: The trap of lust
The patient lies on his back on a large bed and has vaginal sex with a sex machine. She wants to add spice, so she turns over on her stomach and ties her legs to the bed so that she cannot move them. She then handcuffs and sticks her hands to the bed.
For some time, quiet vaginal sex with a sex machine continues, which ends with the patient's orgasm. During an orgasm, the patient accidentally drops the key of the handcuffs, falling into the trap.
After some time, the master enters the room and decides to punish the patient for irresponsibility. He changes the nozzle of a sex machine to a larger one, after which it forces the patient to engage in anal sex.
At this time, the patient remains fixed on the bed, at first she is forced to suck dick, while the sex machine fucks her ass. Then the double penetration scene begins. In the final, the patient gets a good spanking.

P.S. I apologize for my bad English.
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