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The 4 Glory Holes

Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:02 pm

Models below any of which would be a first for this content
Noemie Bilas
Caramel Starr
Kay Love
Kira Noir

A four ladies come into the jail on different dirty sex charges the judge has offer them jail or a rehab program. All four choice rehab there brought in strip searched one at a time spanked fuck and toyed beyond compare then put back up against the wall for a final exam before release.
For the final exam all the girls are tide up in the pile driver position each girl receive a speculum inserted into there ass its then gape open wide and lock open show off there gape holes then each girl receives a 12 or 32 ounce bottle of fake cum it is poured into there ass threw the gape open speculum then after a short time the speculum is closed and removed while the girls hold in there sperm loads a pool is set up all of the girls are untied and put down on all fours ass over the pool to catch the cum as they slowly push it back out and let it run down and drip off there pussy lips when there done each girl one at a time is forced to roll around in the pool of cum covering them after that there free to go having paid for there crimes
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