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Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:06 am

There needs to be alot more hard anal. Like, periodic slams. Much like Anastasia Rose in the piggy scene. Woman full on her front, biggest cock you can find. Could perhaps have the girl say a mixture of Im Sorry and Thank you. Of course whilst involuntarily going UUUH! with each single super hard thrust up her ass sounding like shes fucking almost constipated or something. Finishing in a crazy fast, sphincter ripping deep anal creampie
This of course could be vaired with how many male actors are included. It could of course be an anal creampie gangbang, oriental style with about 100 guys hahaha.
Anastasia Rose is easily the best on this site so far. Or maybe a really skinny girl with a cute little ass.
Less licking of the guys ass would be great. I like some dark stuff but who wants to see a guy having his ass licked?
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