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Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes

“Sweetened by the risk.”

Q & A
Q & A

Why do you like being overpowered?

I don't know. It just feels good to have no control, to know that people are doing whatever they want to me.

What is your biggest fetish?

Being dominated by more than one guy.

Background Background

Alisha reports that "I don't like to be boring. Regular sex isn't enough."

Patient has a strong inclination toward gagging blowjobs and getting into sexual scenarios where she gives up control.

Staff Notes Staff Notes

Alisha's asshole during her ass to mouth therapy felt amazing. Tight on the inside with just the right amount of cushion on the outside. She is high on the re-admission list in the event of relapse. -- Dr. Mercies, 11/26/14


Deranged Dollie 1

Deranged Dollie 1

Patient: Alisha Adams

Alisha Adams was afflicted with two perversions: a love of blowjobs and a desire to have her control stripped away from her. So we turned her into a blowjob doll with a fully functional mechanical jaw. "Fuck my mouth," she would say when we pulled her string. "Fuck my mouth." Of course, we fucked her mouth really hard... and then we fucked her ass.

Added on 11/24/14
Deranged Dollie 2

Deranged Dollie 2

Patient: Alisha Adams

In part 2 of her therapy, Alisha Adams is taken into the padded cell, where we slowly remove her control--limb by limb--until she is nothing but a torso for ass and mouth fucking.

Added on 12/01/14