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Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes

"The Santa Anas blew in hot from the desert, shriveling the last of the spring grass into whiskers of pale straw. Only the oleanders thrived, their delicate poisonous blooms, their dagger green leaves." -- Janet Fitch

Background Background

Eden presents as a lovely girl with a petite, almost virginal body and an innocent, freckly face. But further investigation reveals a heart of filth pounding inside her. She craves cock in her ass almost nonstop and yearns to be used by mean men as their little fuck toy. However, she presents with no symptoms of self-destruction, suggesting that she's learned to direct her dark sexual cravings toward the happiness of herself and others. This renders any cure pointless. The only purpose of treating her is to clarify her own submissive and masochistic needs and to help her achieve them for the catharsis of all involved.

Diary Diary

My time at the Assylum was an intense experience that I needed. I felt deserving to relieve some pain through painful measures, and it's something I'm very grateful to the Assylum staff for. -- Eden, 8/28/17

Staff Notes Staff Notes

Treating Eden was one of my best days at work. She absorbed all our sexual depravity--from rough anal sex and ass to mouth to face fucking and intense suspension bondage--the way a black hole absorbs light and only hungered for more. A force like gravity radiated ever more strongly around her, and I knew we had activated her submissive power, which in turn would only help her clarify and accept her own needs. -- Dr. Mercies, 8/31/17


Gamer Girl 2: The Whorecade

Gamer Girl 2: The Whorecade

Eden Sin

Part 2 of Eden's extreme anal therapy continues with her getting savagely speared in the ass by Orderly Pain. He launches her off his cock to make her fly through the air onto the dildos sticking out from the wall, playing with her like a video game. Dr. Mercies steps in from time to time too, so that the two psychiatric proctology professionals can work together to treat Eden's filthy soul. Eventually, her ass and spirit give out, and they take her down from the ropes. But a little piss and cum power get her going again. Eden is one of the most hardcore hotties we've had the joy of treating. She takes it just as hard and rough as a cartoon video character.

Added on 09/08/17
My Holes Are Yours to Control, Sir

My Holes Are Yours to Control, Sir

Gamer Girl Level 1, Eden Sin

Rough. Sick. Twisted. Beautiful. And Real... This session is all that and more. Submissive, little Eden Sin learns to give up more control than ever as Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain train her hard. That means lots of rough anal sex, ass to mouth, gagging, suspension bondage, and nasty cum play with dozens of the doctor's frozen loads. Eden needed this, she told us. She truly left better than she arrived. Sick girls don't usually get this hot or this cool. (Note: trailer also shows some footage from level 2.)

Added on 08/24/17
Rude Food

Rude Food

Starving for Domination 2, Eden Sin

Time for Eden to get some extra nasty dishes from her ass buffet. First, Dr. Mercies fucks her ass some more using only soap for lube as part of her Painal Parfait. Then he feeds her some cum slushies using a couple dozen saved up loads from the freezer. (Note: real frozen cum! Nothing fake here!!!) Eden has to take the cum in all her face holes (mouth, eyes, nose, and ears) so that her senses are completely focused on the doctor's pleasure. Then he reams her out with a massive dildo and feeds her dessert out of her ass crack. She loved her meal. She really did. And it was genuinely therapeutic for her.

Added on 10/19/17
Slappy New Years

Slappy New Years

Eden sin

Super hot, rough sex lover Eden Sin paid a visit for the holiday and helped Dr. Mercies ring in the new year. This is a short, back-to-basics rough-sex scene with hard anal, ATM, slapping, spanking, spitting, and just a good, old-fashioned primal rudeness.

Added on 12/31/17
Starving for Domination

Starving for Domination

Part 1, Eden Sin

We gave it hard to Eden last time. But she came back with a hungrier mouth and ass than ever. Her appetite for rough domination and anal exploitation knows no bounds. So Dr. Mercies made her just what she needed: a buffet of filth and anal nastiness. He used soap for lube and served her a polished sausage for starters. Eden has never cried in a session before, but she cried in this one. And she was incredibly thankful for it in the end. I think for a little while, her submissive soul stopped growling with hunger and her therapy was actually successful. (This is part 1 of an epic 2-hour session.)

Added on 10/11/17