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"Revenge is a dish best served cold."
-Origin unknown

Q & A
Q & A

How did you become such a pervert?

I'm pretty sure I was born a pervert.

What do you like so much about spanking?

I like the pain, the punishment aspect.

Are you scared to be getting anal therapy at the Assylum?

Not at all, I'm very excited!

Background Background

Patient reports strong interest in "losing control" as well as a deep craving for hard, punishing spankings. Patient has limited anal experience but understands that treating her perversions will require intensive anal treatments, because a girl's ass is the best route to any therapy.

Staff Notes Staff Notes

Gia is a very perverted girl with limited anal experience, so we focused generally on taking away her control through anal bondage. The staff got quite distracted watching her pump beer with her ass and do ass to mouth for the first time, so I'm not sure the therapy was delivered effectively. The next treatment session will need to be harder. We may attempt to treat her spanking fetish as well. --Dr. Mercies, 2/22/15.


Anal Serving Wench

Anal Serving Wench

Gia Paige

One of our craziest and most popular scenes, with none other than super-PAWG Gia Paige, has been totally remastered from scratch. We shot this scene many years ago, when our technology and experience was not as good as it is today. So, now we've completely redone the scene from the source files. It's twice as long (65 minutes) as the original, with much better color. Finally, one of our coolest concepts with one of the coolest girls we know has gotten its due. Enjoy.

Added on 03/20/23