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Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes

“Words to memorize, words hypnotize, words make my mouth exercise. Words all failed the magic prize, there’s nothing I can say when I’m in your thighs”
– Violent Femmes
“This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.”
– Theron from 300

Q & A
Q & A

How did you become so perverted?

I'd like to blame a blend of genetic predisposition and my bottomless pit of sexual curiosity.

Did you really get assfucked without warm-up?

Absolutely! Every pained whimper was 100% real.

Are you expected to relapse soon?

Since Dr. Mercies saw no reason to administer actual therapy in my case, I won't be surprised if he lures me back to the padded cell for more mistreatment. Ask me anything!

Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts


 To feel that pain 
Peering up through cracks of light
Which sting your eyes as the tears
Pucker from your ducts
As your ass radiates with
Red that crawls across
The skin to
Swell and burst like
The scaffolding in your mind
As the body is desanctified

In the sanitary room
Spread with you
Spreading in you
Feel that involuntary hitch in
Your back as the strap
Hits heavy again.

The skin becomes ribbons
loosened with
Blood that pulsates and reaches
The boundaries of your body
Screaming for escape
As the tissue softens and
Engorges in the quivering

Shred me and leave me rustling
Wasted bedding soaked in filth.

Background Background

Kara reports that “Perversity has followed me all my life. My fantasies always pushed deeper, darker, and harder (like the cocks, fingers, and tongues I started to obsess over).

“I craved filth, and I grew to desire others who would drag me down into that filth and smother me with it. As soon as I could, I entered the BDSM scene and started seeking even greater extremes. It was only a matter of time before I stumbled into Dr. Mercies’ institution.”

Diary Diary

8/19/2014--Dr. Mercies knew the truth about me: I’m too fucked for treatment. I have a visceral need to be physically and mentally destroyed, and it is such a part of me that the good doctor knew it was pointless to try.

Instead, he made me into his raggedy torture doll and asked me to perform as well as the other dolls that came before me. He pulled the depths of my perversity outside, so that I matched my insides. He asked me to please him with my disgusting, dirty self, until my contorted, ruined asshole was just as twisted as the rest of me.

He rewarded me with his cum, and used it to glue my dolly stuffing over my fucked up face. I adore the good doctor for this mistreatment.

Staff Notes Staff Notes

Patient showed remarkable tolerance for painal, anal without warmup, filthy ass to mouth, ass to other girl's mouth, and extreme bondage. I expect great things for her. -- Dr. Mercies, 8/19/14

Mad Musings

“Anal Without Warm-up”

Anal without warm-up is one of the more interesting pains. Unlike (also wonderful) pains from beating implements, you cannot shift to work the pain out. It is inside you, an internal bondage of sorts.

The first push into your asshole doesn’t register at first, but as the shaft forces its way into your puckering holes, the pain awakens. It begins to radiate from the opening of your ass and up the base of your spine. You want to curl around yourself and pull yourself from the pain, but you know that would displease the person behind you.

As they ram you harder, you feel as if you’re coming apart from the inside out. You realize that the only way to alleviate the pain is to breathe and relax into their ferocious appetite. The pain dulls to a low friction inside of you, and they command your breath through the tempo of their cock ramming your ass. In anal without warm-up you must derive pleasure through surrendering to their pleasure and embracing their pain.

General Stuff General Stuff

An anecdote from Kara:

Once upon a time—when I had a bathroom to myself and a lonely bottle of hot sauce—I chose to experiment with genital torture. When I didn't feel an initial burn on my first modest application of sauce to pussy, I chose to add more. Then the pain set in.

Several gallons of cold water and two washcloths later, it became clear the “less is more” principle applied to slathering pepper sauce on my cunt. It was awesome.


Ass Goop Girls

Ass Goop Girls

Patient: Lilly Ligotage (and Kara Cox)

Lilly likes to fuck on filthy sheets. So we spent the day making the filthy sheets she required for her therapy. This involved a lot of ass to other girl's mouth, anal felching, and fruit and cream shoved into assholes and shot out all over some bedding. We even mounted Kara on the "Asselerator," so that she could spin around Dr. Mercies' laboratory and shoot slime out of her ass all over the bedding and Lilly's face. This was just Lilly's pre-therapy. We actually save Lilly's filthy bedding in the freezer, so we can fuck her on it six months later.

Added on 12/08/14
Doctors abusement 2

Doctors abusement 2

Patient: Kara Cox

Other sites talk "extreme," but we actually give you extreme. In part 2 of Kara's therapy, her ass gets shredded with the cane, her asshole gets shredded with cock and a fuck machine, and her facial cavities get shredded with oregano oil and piss. A special Director's cut of this scene will be available on DVD. (Warning: do not try this stuff at home. Kara is a real masochist, not to mention unusually fit, and Dr. Mercies is a professional.)

Added on 11/03/14
Dr’s Abusement 1

Dr’s Abusement 1

Patient: Kara Cox

Kara’s perversion is that she likes to be sexually shredded. So we shred her like a bunch of dolls and then use our cum to glue doll stuffing to her ruined body.

Added on 08/17/14