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Leah Winters in Quarantine Dreams 1: Submission, Inc |

Submission, Inc.

Quarantine Dreams #1, April 3, 2020

Most of us are stuck inside these days. Fortunately, Dr. Mercies got stuck with inside with one the hottest and most extreme anal masochists we've ever had: Leah Winters. Leah is the rare kind of girl who comes more and move alive as more and more brutal challenges and demands are thrown at her. Leah gets her belly punished while getting very brutally fucked in her big, round ass. We're talking long, hard painal here in one position after another. She is trained and punished with piss. Finally, she's bound and put to bed inside the doctor's ass. And this is just the 1st part in a 6-hour miniseries that represents the longest marathon we've ever captured. If you need something harder or better than this--well, you're going to have to seek it on another planet, because this is as good as it gets. (And yes, Dr. Mercies was wearing full PPE. That noise in the background is the ventilation system blasting air out of the room combined with a HEPA air purifier.)

Tags: Ass to mouth, Ass-eating antics, Asslicking, Face fucking, Foot licking, Painal, Piss drinking, Pissing, Rimjobs, Rough anal , Rough oral, Beatdown, Breast pain, Breast slapping, Endurance challenge, face pain, Facesitting, gagging, Heavy degradation, Punishment, Spanking, Tongue punishment, Big ass

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