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Anal madness and extreme sexual domination |

The Assylum® Mission is a mission-driven adult website providing BDSM-related entertainment, ideas, and insights. We strive to bridge levels of human expression, from libidinal to lofty, that too often remain culturally siloed.

More precisely, we have three main goals:

First, on the most basic level, we aim to combine professional-quality video production with the authenticity usually only found in more amateur videos. We focus specifically on anal sex, BDSM, and kinky fetishes--things that have become widely (if often secretly) practiced throughout our society but that remain difficult to find in authentic, high-quality material.

Second, we work to bring creativity, humor, intelligence, artistry, and even poetry to darker forms of sexuality. We believe people contain a wide range of desires and aspirations that can and do happily co-exist. One can fuck at the same time that one dreams and creates. One can be rough on one's partner's body, if they allow one to be so, at the same time that one cares for their soul. One can reach for tenderness, purposefulness, understanding, and beauty at the same time that one entrusts one's body to another in the mutual exchange of lust, power, and sadomasochistic energy. Assylum content can be, at turns, objectifying, degrading, filthy, or brutal; but, for us, the hardest forms of sexual expression are part of a vision in which the whole of who we are, so long as we do not act with malice, is valid and worthy of enjoyment.

Finally, we also work to expand the usual porn-viewing experience through educational, social, and political discussions with the performers. At Assylum, performers don’t just use their bodies, they use their brains. We talk to them about what it’s like filming the scenes; what BDSM, anal sex, and other fetish activities mean to them; and we aim to clarify some of the myths and preconceptions surrounding these activities. In some of our videos, we even go beyond sexual topics entirely to help illuminate the bigger picture of performers' lives.

Why do we do all this? Because we believe that sexual expression—even the darker, sadomasochistic kind—among adults is key to personal happiness and that personal happiness is key to societal harmony. We know that even the most sadistic consensual exercise of sexual fantasy does not prevent people from being good human beings in everyday life, and we want to do our own small part to help deliver a future in which people everywhere can enjoy their sexuality without shame. The past two decades have given society the Internet, and the Internet has revealed, at last, just how many millions of people have been quietly enjoying rough sex, BDSM, and kinky fetishes. Our work is for all the kinky people out there.