Modeling Info documents real power exchange within a fictional, roleplay-based world. The "Assylum" itself is fake, and the initial setups for our scenes are contrived, but the actions engaged in by the characters once the roleplay begins are real. Therefore, we currently only hire performers who genuinely love BDSM, anal sex, and sexual humiliation and degradation. To work for us, you must want to be authentically and intensely submissive and masochistic on camera.

However, as authentic as we try to be, we also have tend to have long days on set. is part of a young, growing company run by people passionate about creating a high-quality product that exceeds the standards of most larger companies. Despite our small crew, we film with heavy, large-sensor camera rigs in 4K resolution. We also take an artistic and experimental approach to much of what we do. We strive to create unique bondage situations in many scenes--situations that often have never been created anywhere else, ever. This means that what looks like one hour of sex can really be ten hours of hard production work. Performers should expect to spend the full day with us when they come to work here.

As a small "family" of people working to do what we love and to help show that extreme sex is fully compatible with tenderness, we care deeply about our talent. We are not happy unless our talent goes home happy. So we urge all prospective models to watch a range of our trailers, especially our more recent ones, to get a sense of what we do in advance and make sure you like it. We will speak with you extensively before hiring you and urge you to share all your concerns and questions with us. Please communicate with us openly and fully about your experience, limitations, and needs!

To get the discussion started, models should write to Share with us your love for hard BDSM and anal sex, the experience you have, and why you'd like to work as hard as the rest of us here do to help expand our mad universe.

NOTE TO AGENTS: We will work with you and honor the arrangements you have with your talent. However, before finalizing any bookings, we now require that all prospective models speak with us independently about their interest in working with us and about the expected nature of their scenes with us.