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Anal madness and extreme sexual domination |

Information for Prospective Female Models

Since launching in 2014, has evolved into something very different from a typical porn site. It's a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience--one that combines power exchange, rough anal sex and kinky fetishes, documentary film-making, and relentless innovation. We create twisted fantasy worlds, and then we put doms and subs into them and ask them to play.

Our current goals generally do not involve creating scripted entertainment. To the contrary, we wish to show authentic, unscripted moments. We aim not only to help our viewers get off, but also to illuminate connections between the dark and tender facets of sexual desire and to discover new pathways of feeling when fucking and exchanging power in novel situations.

Because of our differences from other sites, you should review our recent work carefully to get a sense of our output. Additionally, the input expected from you will be unique when compared to that of traditional adult production studios. Whereas some such studios put together their scenes in a few hours, we often spend weeks pondering, discussing, meditating on, and planning a single shoot. An Assylum scene begins long before shoot day with a close discussion about you and your interests and limits. It progresses to a brainstorming process in which we generate concepts tailored to you and go back and forth with you in developing ideas. Once everyone is on set and interacting face to face, the creative process moves into its final stage, and the last changes or ideas are decided together. At this point, we'll also discuss safe words and agree on ways you can stop your scene whenever you want to stop. Overall, it's a long process that culminates in a long, hard day on set. So you need to be deeply enthusiastic about what we do.


How to Contact Us

We are currently accepting very few new models, as we prefer to work with established ones whom we have the opportunity to get to know over time. However, we do hire new models on occasion. Prospective models should write to and explain your interest, background, and relevant experience. Please include some current, basic (un-Photoshopped) photos of yourself and a copy of your government-issued photo ID. You must be over 18 years of age, and you must be legally allowed to work in the United States.


A Note on Money and Motivations

Shooting for Assylum is a job. However, it’s a job that involves dark and primal aspects of our identities. We don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to work with us only for money. Over the years, we have developed increasingly intensive screening procedures to do our best to make sure that models are doing this because they love it, in the pursuit of a mutual release. This means we have become very strict and now require that every new model talk with us in great detail before working with us for the first time. We will only work with any agent you might have if they are licensed talent agents with experience in BDSM, and even then, we will still require one-on-one interviews by phone or video-conference with you prior to booking.