Information for Prospective Female Models

Since launching in 2014, has evolved into something very different from a typical porn site. It's a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience--one that combines real power exchange, rough anal sex and extreme fetishes, documentary film-making, and relentless innovation. We create twisted fantasy worlds, and then we put doms and subs into them and ask them to play.

Our current goals generally do not involve creating scripted entertainment. To the contrary, we wish to show authentic, unscripted moments. We aim not only to help our viewers get off, but also to illuminate connections between the dark and tender facets of sexual desire and to discover new pathways of feeling when fucking and exchanging power in novel situations.

Because of our differences from other sites, you should review our recent work carefully to get a sense of our output. Additionally, the input expected from you will be unique when compared to that of traditional adult production studios. Whereas some such studios put together their scenes in a few hours, we often spend weeks pondering, discussing, meditating on, and planning a single shoot. An Assylum scene begins long before shoot day with a close discussion about you and your interests and limits. It progresses to a brainstorming process in which we generate concepts tailored to you and go back and forth with you in developing ideas. Once everyone is on set and interacting face to face, the creative process moves into its final stage, and the last changes or ideas are decided together. At this point, we'll also discuss safe words and agree on ways you can stop your scene whenever you want to stop. For one-day shoots, a typical day with us runs about 10 hours long, and 12-hour days are not unusual. You will have all the breaks you require, but you can expect a long, hard day of work, so you need to be deeply enthusiastic about what we do, not just seeking a quick experience or paycheck.

Booking Process for New Models

We are currently accepting very few new models, as we prefer to work with established ones whom we have the opportunity to get to know over time. However, we do hire new models on occasion.

Step 1: Prospective models should write to talent@assylum and explain your interest, background, and relevant experience. Please include some current, basic (un-Photoshopped) photos of yourself and a copy of your ID showing that you are over 18 years of age. If you have any prominent scars, tattoos, or other body markings, please include photos of them. You must be legally allowed to work in the United States.

Step 2: If you match our customers' viewing preferences and seem like you might meet our production requirements, we will respond with any immediate questions we have and schedule a phone call with you to discuss things further. During the call, we will discuss the goals and characteristics of our sites, as well as your own goals and characteristics so that we can decide together if we're potentially the right match.

Step 3: In some cases, we will schedule a video conference with you to further discuss working together.

Step 4: If we meet each other's needs and interests, we will negotiate a shooting schedule and rate with you. Our rates vary within a standard range, based on a model's fan base and marketing power, the scope of her shoot(s), and member demand. We will also discuss terms for travel reimbursement, our drug and alcohol policy, and other basic terms.

Step 5: The day before your shoot(s) with us or your travel to us, we will require a fresh set of photos, and we will check with you to ascertain if any issues have arisen. If so, we will, at our discretion, cancel or reschedule the shoot as necessary. If not, we will provide final confirmation.

If you have an agent, we will gladly integrate them into this process. However, conversations with your agent cannot replace direct conversations between you and us about your interests, limits, background, and experience.

One-Day vs Extended Shoots

Starting in 2018, we will be experimenting with longer shoot windows. Models who participate in this experiment will visit for 4 to 7 days and commit to more shooting at a higher rate of pay. Extended shoots will be designed to facilitate deeper interactions; a more authentic, go-with-the-flow style of BDSM; and more opportunities for breaks, aftercare, and changes of direction. This approach will be offered on a case-by-case basis to returning models or others who have extensive experience, self-knowledge, and references.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Our staff is not in the business of policing other adults' behavior. However, if you are drunk, stoned, or otherwise intoxicated, we will not shoot with you. The shoot will be cancelled. If there are other models working with you, we will, at our discretion, continue the shoot only with them or cancel the entire shoot, depending on our business needs.

General Qualifications

We seek women who crave intense experiences of sexual submission and masochism and want to document them on camera for a paying audience. You must be able to play the role of an 18 to 35 year-old female with a slim-to-fit body type, and you must be able to present with at least a somewhat mainstream look. We wish we could hire models for a wider range of roles, but we are a small business with a boutique membership. We simply aren't large enough to hire models who are outside of these requirements, because we don't have the membership to support that.

Male Models

Our approach to hiring male models to play the role of dominants is similar but even more strict, as we hire very few male dominants. We generally only hire males whom we expect to return many times.

Contact Us to Start the Discussion

Think you're a match and would love to work with us? Then write to us as Let's start the conversation.