Privacy Policy collects certain information in the course of providing its products and services to its members.

When you join one of our websites, our payment processor will collect your name, address, email address, and payment information. Your name, address, and email address, but not your payment information, will then be electronically transmitted to our database. We also collect your IP address. This information, along with your user ID and password, is retained by us in an encrypted format indefinitely so that we may track sales and compile statistics for our internal purposes. We never share this information or sell it to anyone. We may use your email to send you critical correspondence regarding your account. We may also, in certain circumstances, use your email to send you promotional offers for our own products or those of our partners. Starting in May of 2018, we will ask members to consent to receiving promotional emails before we send them.

Our software also uses coookies, which are small pieces of data that get stored on members' computers by their Web browsers. These cookies help our software know who is a member, who is logged onto one of our Websites, and what offers or links people clicked on to get to our Websites. These cookies also help optimize members' experience in our member discussion forums--for example, by helping members see what they've already read. We retain the information from cookies for 10 days.

Our computer systems also retain log files that track certain actions performed by our members, as well as electronic actions performed by our own software, so that we may troubleshoot issues and provide customer support. Our server software and video streaming platform software keeps log files for 10 days. Our member management software keep log files indefinitely to help us address any concerns relating to purchases or refunds.

EU members have the right to request their information be deleted or exported at any time. If you are a resident of the EU, you may send your request to