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Where did the "therapy" go? (November 22, 2017)
Some of you guys might notice that we're shifting away from the idea of the Assylum providing "therapy." We'll still do this in some scenes, but the therapy concept was causing confusion. These days, we aim for authentic domination and submission, and the therapy concept often felt too artificial and "porny" to work with our bigger goals. Think of the Assylum as a mad world where people escape ordinary vanilla life.  It has always been that and will remain that -- without the unnecessary gimmick of therapy.

New 4K and other trailer resolutions (September 26, 2016)
We will now have trailers available for selected scenes in 4K resolution. Some scenes will also have a low 480P resolution available for people with slow connections. Just play a trailer the normal way and then look for the resolution button at the lower right of the play area to increase or decrease the standard resolution.

Attention, Content Thieves: (March 1, 2016)
Our institution is new and growing. We are a passion project created by people who love what they do. We are not part of a porn conglomerate or corporate behemoth with endless pockets. We are extremely grateful to our honest, loyal members who allow us to exist, and we strive to provide better and better content all the time. However, a very small percentage of our users have been sharing our Material on public Internet forums. This behavior might make a few folks feel like Internet Robin Hoods - heroes giving away free stuff to those who don't pay for their porn. But it's theft of content that we work very hard and spend thousands of dollars to create. Theft of our content threatens our very existence and is a slap in the face to all our honest members. Therefore, we have updated our terms of use to clearly prohibit this behavior and to specify monetary damages. Members who steal our material, harm our business, and insult our honest members should not expect their behavior to be ignored.

New 4k dildo cam! (September 6, 2015)
Hey guys, I'm excited to announce we've added a third camera to our 4K repertoire!  This is a little cam that gets mounted to dildos and such, so that you get a "perv's eye view" of things going in out of the girls' holes. Don't expect the quality of this one to knock your socks off (if they're still on when you jerk off), but do expect this extra view to add some fun to your viewing experience.  The new view will be appearing in our next scene with super hot Sophia Grace.  See Sophia's ass the way your cock would see it!  :)

New navigation options and rating system (March 12, 2015)
As some of you loyalists might have noticed, we've expanded the features of the Web site. Now, you can search for scenes by keyword or sort them by 3 different methods. Tags have also been added to the scenes to help you identify the action in each scene before you watch it, or to give you yet another sorting option.  (Just click a tag to get a list of other scenes with that tag.)  You can also rate scenes now by clicking on the stars and create your own list of favorite scenes by clicking the little heart symbol. In the next couple of days, we'll add some of these features for non-members as well, so they can get a better idea of all the great features to expect when they join the site!  On top of all this, we're starting to roll out some new scenes filmed with all new, smaller 4K production gear to get you guys the angles and closeups you want--in 4K.  I hope everyone likes the new features!  We don't rest here at our little madhouse with what we've done before; we work harder and harder to make the site better and better as we grow!--Dr. Mercies gets new 4K cameras (February 21, 2015)
Up until now, we've been shooting with a very large and heavy cinema camera to obtain quality 4K footage. One limitation of this camera is that it was impractical to hand-hold.  This limited some of the angles we could obtain during our semi-live-style, authentic shoots.  We've now replaced that camera with two new, more compact 4K camera systems, using the smallest, lightest high-quality gear available. We've also mounted special, top-of-the-line Kino-Flo lights to the cameras to provide better illumination in tight spots. What all this means is that in upcoming shoots you'll be getting more angles and more beautifully lit shots.  4K production in porn is new, and we have been constantly experimenting to achieve the best quality possible without having to resort to fake re-takes and other such tricks that take away from the authentic action.  We are confident you are going to like the next waves of shoots as they leave the editing room.

New Patient & Staff Records section (December 7, 2014)
Hi, all.  We've added a new section to the Web site for patient and staff records.  As our institution continues to expand, this section will allow you to locate a repeat performer's scenes more easily. Additionally, this page will contain real writing (edited as necessary, of course) from the performers.  Not every performer is a born writer, so some records will have a lot more writing than others.  And our early performers will have little or no info in their records compared to our later performers, as we only recently started to require performers to help with this section as part of their work for the site.

Our hope is that this new section will offer extra jerk-off material as well as some brain food for the inquiring minds out there.  

Check out Kara's records to see what this section can offer for some of our star patients!  That's a real poem from Kara, folks.  

We've Launched! (August 10, 2014)
It's official: is live!  We hope that this will be the beginning of a long life for our demented brand of anal porn.  To make that possible, we need your help.  Please spread the word about the site, and feel free to contribute to the forums in the Lab Room.  We're hoping to get lots of good ideas from fans of the site and to implement some of them in future shoots.

We're doing some very new things, including offering 4K downloads and performer commentary.  We also hope some people will be interested in the opportunity to purchase items worn or used by the stars in the online shop. We're not staffed to be in a high-volume retail business, so there won't be that many items in the shop, but there will definitely be some fun things available for sale. 

Since we just launched, it's possible that a technical glitch will arise here or there.  If you have any problems, please send in a support ticket so we can get things fixed!  We're here to give you the best viewing experience we can.