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Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes

“I've been things and seen places.”
- Mae West

Q & A
Q & A

What do you like about being objectified?

Being 100% of a sexual object/doll to be used with no distractions of being a "real" person makes me 100% present in the therapy session.

How long have you enjoyed being a "bimbo?" What do you think made you this way?

Since I was a teenager, but I've gotten much more into it lately. I see it as an extreme form of objectification. I think I like it because I was always a "brain" but just wanted to be treated like a slut during sex.

Background Background

Amy reports that she has an "overactive imagination and intense dislike of being bored."

Staff Notes Staff Notes

Amy Aimless responded very well to all my actions. It's too bad I just used her for my pleasure without trying to treat her, because I probably could have cured her. I did some extreme ass to mouth on her with the big, long anal beads. She took them deep in her colon and then sucked them all clean. I also fucked her ass really hard, and she cried out many times in anal pain. Of course, I had her eat lots of ass too, and she seemed to love it. She is a truly a nasty and obedient anal whore. --Dr. Mercies, 12/25/14


Assmouth 1: anal bimbo on wheels

Assmouth 1: anal bimbo on wheels

Patient: Amy Aimless

Amy's perversion is that she likes to dress up and be treated like a bimbo. She's also a rare girl who actively enjoys eating ass and sucking up ass juice. Dr. Mercies--who still hasn't been able to get back on track with giving his patients proper therapy--decides to exploit her as his office bimbo. He mounts Amy on wheels and spins her round and around so she can take it in the ass, suck Dr. Mercies' ass, and slurp her ass juice off his cock. Dr. Mercies also makes her eat his feet and gives this obedient bitch some proper domination. She sucks it all up, being the filthy, submissive, ass-sucking whore that she is.

Added on 02/02/15
Assmouth 2: anal pain & destruction

Assmouth 2: anal pain & destruction

Patient: Amy Aimless

After her ordeal as a whirl-around ass-to-mouth slut for Dr. Mercies, Amy gets toyed with some more. Dr. M bends her over his desk for a savage assfuck with more ass to mouth and ass eating. He also pries open her ass with some large toys for a punishing painal session. Then he and his orderly lead her into the padded cell, where they rip off her remaining clothing and turn her into a puppet girl. The orderly fucks her face and cunt and leaves her with a second cumshot dripping down her face. Amy didn't get any therapy in this session either. She was just a little bimbo for the sadistic staff.

Added on 02/23/15