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Fallon West has a history of sexual submission to men. She loves to be told what to do in the bedroom and seems to prefer getting fucked up the ass to having her pussy given pleasure. She eagerly sucks a man's cock if told to do so and sucks ass like a vacuum cleaner. Treating her will be a long, hard process, but someone's got to do it.




(Ho Cart #2)

Aggressive anal hatesex with humiliating humor. That's what this new anal therapy session with Fallon West is all about. Orderly Sinn pounds her ass to shreds for close to an hour and feeds her plenty of cock straight from her submissive asshole. He also plays a game called "Roll onto the cock" and slaps her face whenever she misses. Then Dr. Mercies walks in out of nowhere and blows a big load (aka "patient meal") on her face. While the cum drips into her eyes, he shoves a fat, painful butt plug with a flag up her ass. She made it to the finish line.

Added on 04/05/16
Ho Kart

Ho Kart

Patient: Fallon West

Fallon is a submissive anal whore who likes to be controlled and used like an object without any feelings of her own. So we tie a steering wheel to her and turn her from cock to cock. We fuck her face, fuck her ass, do lots ass to mouth on her, and make her lick man ass. She was a nasty, obedient bitch.

Added on 03/24/16